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Why choose UPS express shipping from China? | 2021 Full Guide

Why choose UPS express shipping from China? | 2021 Full Guide

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UPS express ” Nowadays, with this global economy, China represents the most significant opportunity; there are more than 1.3 billion people and numerous cities with a population that surpasses 5 million. China is considered the world’s largest exporter and also the third-largest importer of goods from the U.S.

While large corporations have established a presence in China, many small and medium-sized American enterprises are also active there, even though not many people might know this.

Suppose you’ve also considered expanding to the China market but are a bit hesitant due to the new language and unknown regulations. In that case, I suggest you keep reading this article till the end.

As an importer, many things need to be considered before sourcing goods from China; in the shipping business, safe delivery, punctuality, and competitive freight price are the most important things you always look for.

Suppose you think you need global experience and network to make an international impression and need to know what’s the best delivery option based on your unique circumstance. In that case, we have the solution for you.

An Introduction to UPS express service

UPS express is one of the largest customs brokers that know all ins and outs of delivering your products from China; It has been doing business there for nearly 30 years with more than 225 operating facilities, two air hubs, and over 200 flights weekly to help you with growing your customer base.

There’s more competition everyday between buyers, and the demands are evolving, so it’s very important to know how to respond with the enhancements needed to compete effectively, especially for the young buyers across e-commerce and mobile capabilities.

UPS can help you take care of buyer needs and optimize the customer experience, which can differentiate you in the marketplace compared to your competitors, from all-important post-sales support to the latest 3D printing capabilities. By leveraging UPS global network, we control the costs and meet the demands of customers in China at the same time.

How to get your shipment where we intend on the exact time we have on mind.

UPS delivery options in China are much more than any other carrier, with over 200 flights weekly to and from important business centers, Chengdu, Qingdao, and Zhengzhou.
UPS two important hubs are located strategically in Shenzhen and Shanghai which makes it have incredibly faster transit time an at the same time more than 225 operating facilities gives them the advantage of efficiency and expertise across many provinces and time zones in China.

One of the main points about UPS service is wether your shipment is a small package or a large and heavy freight or even something in between they have the options and logistics to get your shipment from one side of the world and deliver to the other side.

Customs brokerage network

UPS is one of the world’s largest customs brokers they’re experienced and expertized with China’s unique documentation and customs requirements which might help to reduce the chance of potential delays and extra fees. They have 24/7 customs services with the goods and security inspections, easy and problem-free entry into the country the fast clearance procedures that begin before even the planes  land.

As It’s been already mentioned UPS has faster and more delivery options to China compared with other carriers but where they really stand out is in facilitating the ability to do business affairs.

UPS team and their technology makes it easy to plan ship and import and much as it helps with finding and managing harmonized tarif codes, calculating landed cost estimates, and checking compliance information  with their export tools. This means you can rely on UPS to get the items to the outer reaches of Qingdao as readily as we can get the items to inner reaches on New York city.

Rail LCL service via UPS

So as we know lots of businessman or businesswomen now choose UPS for shipping their goods from China but something that makes it a bit hard is the high price of air shipping for heavy cargo, but fortunately recently UPS has added the option of LCL rail service from China to all countries across Europe.

This service provides more flexibility in transit time and also it offers a great advantage for all businessman and businesswomen who choose this kind of service for their shipment.

Here are some of the advantages we can mention for you

  • Low shipment cost
  • Providing a more flexible plan for a weekly door to door service 
  • More reliable and fixed delivery plan and transit times 
  • Better tracking than sea
  • A more environmentally friendly way for transportation

Prohibited Items to ship via UPS in China

UPS have some prohibited commodities that are for all the countries it serves but also the following commodities to China are prohibited to ship from China.

  • Artwork
  • Defense Commodities/Articles
  • Antiques
  • Gambling Devices
  • Guns and Firearms
  • Knives
  • Jewelry
  • Used Electrical Equipment and Machinery
  • Military Equipment
  • Electronic Cigarettes
  • Plants
  • Personal Effects
  • All publications, materials for promotion, printed matters, and others that threaten the state security, social and political stability, and also pornographic material are prohibited.
  • All Products that are Made in Iran
  • Toy Guns
  • Soil
  • Weapons: all miscellaneous other than guns or knives
  •  Biological Materials: China Inspection and Quarantine (CIQ) prohibits the following commodities into China: pathogens of plants and animals (including fungi and germina, etc.), pests and other hazardous life-forms— Relevant animals, plants, animal or plant products, and other quarantinable products from plant and animal disease epidemic areas—Animal corpus.

UPS cost definition

Billing options of UPS has many options to fit all the businesses

Here are some of the options offered by UPS:

• Charges can be billed to the shipper, receiver, or a third-party payor.

• International shipping charges typically include freight, duties, and taxes.

• Customers using UPS’s automated shipping systems can choose to have the shipping charges billed to one party and duties and taxes to another. Or, via the “Split Duty VAT” (SDV) option, customers can bill the freight and duty to one party and the tax/VAT to another.* Here are just some of the many UPS international billing options you may choose from.

• Shipper pays shipping costs; the receiver pays duties and taxes.

• Receiver pays all charges (also referred to as “Freight Collect”).

• Shipper pays all charges (also referred to as “Delivery Duty Paid” or “Free Domicile”).

• Shipper pays shipping charges; a third party (could be in another country) pays the duties and taxes. Unless otherwise indicated, shipping charges are billed to the shipper’s UPS account number, and the consignee or receiver pays duties and taxes. Note: A “Duties and Tax Forwarding Surcharge”* is applied whenever the shipper requests that the duties and taxes be billed to a payor outside the destination country. The third party’s UPS Account Number is required. *The UPS paper waybill does not support the SDV billing option.

Shipping checklist

Now that we have enough information about shipping from China, we can go through the steps that are needed for preparing your shipments and shipping them from China to your intended destination; taking the time and completing all the steps will ensure the prompt and safe arrival of your goods.

  1. Selecting an International Courier Service

As we’ve familiarized ourselves with the regulations of China now, UPS international shipping services are very fitting for import and export needs, from guaranteed delivery times to different situations and much more.

  • Choose an International Billing Option

Different kind of businesses have different billing needs, so based on your specific business model, you can choose one of the various options that UPS international billing offers so it can be the most befitting one.

  • Prepare Your Shipping Label

Now that the goods are ready, you need to start preparing your shipping label, and you can do this by

You are now ready to prepare your shipping label. Use the following UPS Internet Shipping link to complete labels, fill out forms, and make your payments.

  • Create Required Documentation

Now that shipping and billing options are selected, you can let UPS guide you through the process of filling out all of the required export or import forms you’ll need to get your shipment to its final destination.

  • Entrust It to Your Worldwide Delivery Partner

Now it’s time to let UPS handle your shipment. You can drop it off at one of the many UPS locations, including UPS Store locations and Drop boxes, or you can schedule a pick up using the On-Call Pick up service; they’ll gladly pick up all the goods for a single fee, regardless of how many packages you have.

  • Check Your Shipment Status

After your shipment left your hands, it doesn’t mean it has also left your sight. You can use UPS package’s tracking number to access information about your shipment during the whole delivery process. The information can be given by email or through optional services.

 Concluding point

In DDPCH, we can help you with all your shipping services; if it’s not easy for you to handle shipping with courier services, we can book UPS service for you and take care of it from the beginning till the end, if you have any small or big shipments, feel free to contact us, we can surely help you with excellent service and excellent prices.

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