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Top Guangzhou Exhibitions Schedule in 2020 | Full Guide

Top Guangzhou Exhibitions Schedule in 2020 | Full Guide

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Seeking the best marketplaces for importing from China? The following top Guangzhou exhibitions schedule in 2020 will help you find out where to go and what to buy for a fair price.

How Many Events Are Held in Guangzhou This Year?

China Exhibition Industry Report 2018-2022 revealed that Guangzhou is the second most important of the exhibition industry in China. That’s because 110+ events, fairs, markets, and exhibitions are listed to be held in Guangzhou in 2020.


The Top 10 of Upcoming Guangzhou Exhibitions

The DDPCH team inspected the statistics of the past year and created the top 10 Guangzhou shows list based on their participant and exhibitor rates.

Event Title



International Beauty Expo 910,000


Canton Fair (Phase 1/2/3) 200,000


Dental South China 198,237


International Lighting Exhibition 165,998


Window Door Facade Expo 132,935


Interzum 94,863


Printing South China 85,000


DPES Sign Expo 60,000


International Fishery and Seafood Expo 50,000


Wire & Cable 27,250



Time Schedule of 2020 Events

The following table includes the address, date, and products offered at the top 10 exhibitions in Guangzhou 2020. For more information, click on the event name or contact us. We also recommend reading Shenzhen Upcoming Exhibitions in the 2020 Schedule.


Date (2020)



CIBE 10 – 12 Mar Import and Export Fair beauty and cosmetic products


Import and Export Fair (Phase 1/2/3)



15 – 19 Apr

Phase 1: Electronics

2: Consumer Goods, Home Decorations, Gifts, etc.

3: Textiles & Garments, etc.

DSC 02 – 05 Mar

Dental and mouth care products
GILE 09 – 12 Jun

lighting applications


05 – 07 Mar Nanfung International Convention & Exhibition Center  

window, door and facade industries

Interzum 28 – 31 Mar Import and Export Fair Pazhou Complex industrial supplies
PRT 04 – 06 Mar Import and Export Fair printing machinery and other printing related solutions
DPES 09 – 11 Feb Poly World Trade Center Digital equipment
FISHEX 24 – 26 Sep Import and Export Fair Fishing and fishery products
Wire & Cable 27 – 29 May

wire, cable, and industrial fiber cable

Note: (-) symbol in the table above means the address is as same as the abovementioned one.


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