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How find the cheapest shipping quote from china? (Full Information)

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Obtaining a shipping quote from china is more than entering the size and weight of the goods into the freight company’s website. The accurate freight quote depends on many variables. If you get it wrong, your final charge may far exceed your original price. Also, if you are not careful, it is easy to get surprise bills and charges.

You have defined the characteristics you need to calculate the shipping quote; you have requested quotes and have different rates, some lower, others higher. So it would be natural to choose the cheapest shipping rate, right?

Why choose a local shipping quote from china?

We propose a further step to choose a shipping quote from china that is right for you since the lowest rate may not necessarily be the best rate. Of course, various factors can influence the choice of the carrier to entrust your package to. But the most important aspects to always take into consideration are convenience and reliability.

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One reason for choosing Chinese shipping companies is low labor costs, lower exchange rates, lower costs. Chinese companies also help you to find better deals due to better market knowledge and logistics management.

What to consider about shipping quote?

Therefore, our advice is to check the reputation of the shippers in question. How can you do it?

  • Query the search engines, reading the opinions of customers who have used the courier service with which you intend to ship, monitoring any delays, damage to packages, or lack of professionalism and availability
  • Monitor the social pages of companies, or dedicated discussion groups, which are the place to find any conversations about the quality of the service in specific areas.

You will have all the information to choose from without stress or doubts. Because the best is certainly the service that best meets your requests.

 Five tips for finding the best shipping quote from china?

The final shipping quote from china is determined by multiple variables. You should therefore calculate the cost of shipping, considering the type of service you need, immediately quoting the factors that contribute to determining the final price, which are:

The dimensions

The size of your packaged package is one of the main factors in determining the shipping quote from china. The basic rates usually include packages with regular shapes, canonical cardboard boxes, and maximum dimensions specified in the chosen price ranges.

Often, those preparing a package for shipping do not consider the limits on the size of the box, taking into account only other factors such as weight. The result is that when it comes to paying, the price will be much higher.


Weight is a decisive factor, which allows the carrier to define the shipping quote from china to your shipment. Some companies provide defined and quotes up to a very high weight range, often at a slightly higher cost, which allows you not to worry much about it.

Other companies, in the face of significant savings, define more specific and limited weight ranges. As a result, it may happen that when forecasting the total weight, the impact of the packaging on it is not taken into account, and the maximum limit is exceeded.

So keep this variable in mind when deciding if the high-end solution is more convenient for you rather than a defined range.

The Shipping Area

The place to which the shipment is addressed is another aspect that affects the final price. For example, you may need to ship abroad or to Italian locations considered disadvantaged or peripheral; these are areas that usually have surcharges.

The type of goods

The type of goods you intend to ship can help define the shipping quote from china. For example, you may need to ship documents, food, sports gear, music gear, suitcases, or anything else that comes to mind to import. There are nowadays specific shipping services for each of these particular categories, with dedicated price lists, as there are different logistic management methods from those provided for ordinary parcels.

Ancillary services

When calculating the cost of shipping, don’t forget to consider any ancillary services you may need. These are services made available by the operator and available upon payment of a supplement to the basic rate.

Take this into account when choosing the best shipping quote from china

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