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PayPal and Western Union in DDP Transactions.

PayPal and Western Union in shipping business- Which One Is Better?

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One of the hot topics for vendors in China is the efficiency of PayPal and Western Union in DDP transactions.

They want to know which one is a better way of sending money to other vendors and curriers.

Do I Have to Use These Two Providers?

It depends on the company that will manage your cargo. We, at DDPCH, won’t leave you with these two options.

Our payment way is designed to cover various needs and desires. So, you can either pay via PayPal and WU or opt to choose one of our other alternatives.

Airfreight, sea freight, multimodal freight, Amazon FBA, and all other services that we offer include various payment methods.

So, if you don’t like restrictions in money transactions, make sure to work with flexible companies—like us.

PayPal Is a Better Option in Average Operations

Most of the financial experts unanimously believe that PayPal performs better regarding small and standard transactions. There are three reasons why they think so (see below).

Exchange Rate

Compared to other service providers like Western Union, PayPal offers a superior exchange rate. So, you can move more cash (in the form of foreign currency) when using this website.


According to Finder, the maximum delivery time for PayPal is 24 hours. That’s while WU sometimes would take 120+ hours to process the operation. Of course, both providers may deliver the bill faster. But that depends on the recipients’ state, nation, and even bank.


PayPal has better strategies to protect you against scammers. You can always contact their support team and ask for help with an invalid process.

However, UW usually supports you before the final stage of the handover. Once you send the money through this website, it’ll be nearly impossible to get it back.

Western Union Is Ideal for Larger Payments

WU is one of the oldest transaction service providers in the world. So, it’s not surprising that some customers opt to count on it for their financial needs.

Versatile Delivery

You can ask the recipient to go to a particular WU center in their own country and receive the cash in person. This option comes in handy when the other end of the contract doesn’t have any bank account.

Lower Costs

If your contracts include large sums of money, it’s best to use Western Union. That’s because the overall bill you get on their websites is slighter when compared to PayPal.

On a Final Note

You can trust both PayPal and Western Union in DDP transactions. However, it’s best to choose your service provider based on your current needs and the amount of cash that is going to be moved.

Otherwise, you might end up losing a chance to pay fewer fees for your monetary operations.

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