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Everything about the Door to door shipping service from China to Slovenia!

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    If you have chosen China as a destination for goods ordered, you have made one of the best choices in your business life. Many prominent companies, such as Apple, have a plant in this country and use crucial resources. 

    In the last decade, China has become the most powerful economic hub globally, and it has created some challenges between China and America.

    But recently, the coronavirus has influenced on the Chinese economy. And this question has been raised that will China reach its peak again?! No one knows!

    After ordering products in China, it is time to transport them from China to your preferred destination. One of the best service for freight forwarding is the Door to door shipping service. 

    This article aims to talk about the Door to door shipping service from China to Slovenia. After finishing this article, you will have enough information to decide. 

    What is the Door to door shipping service?

    For the Door to door shipping service from China to Slovenia, it is better to explain a bit about the Door to door shipping service.

    Door to door shipping is a service where the freight forwarder ensures you that the goods will be picked up and delivered to the customer’s locations. 

    Please pay attention to this matter that Door to Door is different from Door to port or port to port. Because, in this service, the packages are delivered in a specific address within cities. 

    If we want to have a glance at this service, we can summarize as below:

    • It is fast (you deal only with one freight forwarder to get the packages at the end)
    • It is quick(you can book shipment quickly and easily)
    • It is transparent(you can get the price that includes delivery and pickup service)

    Why choose Door to door shipping service from China to Slovenia?

    When you want to transport the packages, there are some steps that you must be connected to a freight forwarder to do it for you. One of them is custom clearance. 

    The customs clearance is the act of taking goods through the customs authority to facilitate cargo movement inside and outside the country.

    The Door to door shipping service from China to Slovenia includes these steps:

    • Pickup
    • Prepare the transport documents
    • Handle the custom clearance 
    • Do the freight forwarding by the air or the sea

    Sea freight or Airfreight?

    In the Door to door shipping service from China to Slovenia, you, as a customer, can choose one way for the transportation of your goods. But before choosing one of them, it is better to know both ways better. 

    Sea freight 

    Usually, sea freight is better to transport the goods more than 200 kg. It is the best option for super large packages. The price is very suitable, and it is the most significant reason that causes many businessmen and businesswomen to choose this way. 

    However, it takes a bit more extended time to receive the packages, approximately 30 to 50 days. Then, if you are in a hurry, this way is not the right way for you. 


    This way is the best choice for transporting goods less than 200 kg. If you are in a hurry and want to receive the packages as soon as possible, you must use freight transportation. 

    It takes only 3 to 8 days to receive the packages. Other advantages of this way for the Door to door shipping service from China to Switzerland are as following: 

    • High speed 
    • Easy tracking 
    • Flexibility
    • High security
    • Light packaging
    • Low insurance

    However, it is much more expensive than sea freight, and usually, this makes businessmen and businesswomen choose sea freight. 

    The Door to door shipping service from China to Slovenia, sea freight 

    Sea freight is one of the most preferred ways by businessmen and businesswomen. Because it has a reasonable price compared to Airfreight, and it is a good solution for super large packages. 

    If you are in China and want to transport goods from China to Slovenia, you must know the Chinese ports. They are as following: 

    • Shenzhen 
    • Guangzhou 
    • Hong Kong 
    • Xiamen 
    • Beijing 
    • Qingdao 
    • Ningbo 
    • Tianjin 

    These are prominent ports in China to Slovenia. The packages arrive at Port of Koper. 

    Port of Koper 

    It is the only port in this country for the Door to door shipping service from China to Slovenia. Annually, 20 million tones are imported and exported to this port. It is one of the biggest ports in the Mediterranean and plays a crucial role in Europe. 

    The Door to door shipping service from China to Slovenia, Airfreight 

    If you, as a businessman or businesswoman, want to transport the goods by air from China to Slovenia, you should be familiar with the Chinese airports in China. They are as following: 

    • Hong Kong 
    • Shenzhen 
    • Shanghai 
    • Guangzhou 

    The packages arrive at “Ljubljana Airport.” It is the international airport in Slovenia and the largest one. 

    How long does it take for the Door to door shipping service from China to Slovenia?

    It depends on the way of freight forwarding and many other factors, but the general time is as follows:

    • Airfreight (7 to 20 business days, it is important you choose the express method or the classic method)
    • Sea freight (30 to 50 business days)

    These processes include transit time. 

    Customs Clearance in China and Slovenia

    Customs clearance is a critical matter in Door to door shipping service from China to Slonevia. All these processes are with the freight forwarder. But the customer should deliver some documents; they are as the following:

    • Commercial Invoice
    • Packing List
    • Certificate of Origin
    • Letter of Credit or other payment terms 

    Bill of Lading for ocean freight or Airway Bill for air freight 


    Dear customers

    If you need a special rate and competitive offer for Door to Door Rail and Trucking service from China to European countries, please contact our Sale Team.

    Does Slovenia have a port for the sea freight?

    Yes. Port of Koper is the only port in this country and it is very old (more than 60 years)

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