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China's Automate Ports.

China’s Automated Ports: The Top 3 and Why They Are the Greatest

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    Sea freight is one of our beloved services in DDPCH. But thanks to China’s automated ports, it’s one of the much-loved transportation methods in the whole country.

    So, today, we’re going to introduce the biggest (and most badass) computerized Chinese seaports.

    Why Did Chinese Decide to Go Automated?

    According to a report by CEICDATA, PRC’s seaport transmission rate was around 100 million TEU in 2018.

    That is, the country was capable of filling cargo ships with 20,000,000 containers of a standard size.

    That number is enough to show how enormous the sea freight operations are in China. However, PRC proved that the sky’s the limit when it comes to sea cargo.

    So, they started combining AI technology with their advanced machinery to create fully automated seaports and, eventually, increase the overall TEU transfer.

    Statistics claim that China’s automated ports help this country to handle more than 25 million TEU in 2018. That’s a 125% growth in 10 years!

    The Top 3 China’s Automated Ports

    China Has the Largest Automated Seaport in Asia.

    1. Qingdao

    No other harbor can beat Qindao when it comes to a functional organization. The port can handle 1,800 containers in 9 hours. It means, 39.74 containers are processed in less than 60 minutes.

    However, that’s not the only reason why Qindao port is unique. It’s also Asia’s earliest robotic seaport.

    Every data transmission in this harbor is powered by 5G technologies—which is outstanding.

    2. Langshan

    Number 2 on the list of the top 3 China’s automated ports is the biggest harbor in the globe. PRC developed Yangshan as a fully independent project.

    This place is the answer to the question of how to import from China! Every year, this deep-water port handles more than 15 million TEU. So, the daily operation of 41,000 TEU should be managed.

    3. Ningbo-Zhoushan

    Ningbo, by all means, is the world’s busiest seaport. The total weight of the containers that are carried at this harbor is roughly 1 billion tones. This number equals 2,500 Pioneering Spirit—the world’s most massive crane vessel.

    Six hundred international anchorages use this automated seaport to trade with China. That’s because Ningbo-Zhoushan has 242 different routes for curriers.

    Let Us Connect You to These Ports

    We, at DDPCH, offer air freight, sea freight, DDP, and many other services. So, if you’re looking for a way to ship cargo through China’s automated ports, we can help with that.

    Contact us right now and let our shipment experts handle the rest.

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