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How track your package with china post? (Customer Guide)

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    China Post is a state-owned joint-stock company established in June 2010 by the China Post Group and the provincial postal companies with the approval of the State Council. In this blog you will learn about China Post pros and cons, tracking china post , so that you can easily track package from china

    Why choose China Post for delivering your packages?

    China Post is cheap and equivalent to our priority mail; it takes between 20 and 30 days to arrive because it does not always rely on the same carrier but uses the different companies active in China. Recommended only if you are not in a hurry to receive the purchased product and for items of little value.

    How to track packages from china?

    Tracking china post is easy, and all you need is a tracking number. China Post transfer and delivery by parcel operator is quite simple. To do this, enter the barcode (track number) in the “# Tracking Number” box. It contains 13 characters, including letters and numbers. You can find this identifier or go back to the receipt or receipt mail number on the mail account; it is under the mark. When presenting, pay attention to the fact that a large number of letters must be used. After entering, click the “Track” button or press the “Enter” key.

    What are tracking numbers for tracking China Post?

    When registering China Post, all parcels and packages are provided with a unique number. Numbers in this trajectory are designated in accordance with Universal Postal Union Standard S10 and contain 13 characters. The first two are the letters of the Latin alphabet, followed by nine digits and the two letters of the Latin alphabet, followed by the code of the sending state. For China, these are the letters CH.

    Trace numbers begin with the Latin Letters R, C, or E. The first Latin letter means delivery note. The Latin letter R indicates small packages that are subject to registration. The letter C indicates the delivery of parcels.

    What are the China post advantages?

    The biggest advantage of China Post services is that the network has almost global coverage. No other logistics channel can compare to the post. This is because of the Universal Postal Union, a specialized agency for international postal affairs under the United Nations. For example, postal parcels sent from China to the United States can generally arrive within 15 days. According to incomplete statistics, 70% of Chinese export cross-border e-commerce parcels are delivered through the postal system, of which China Post accounts for about 50%. The postal network basically covers the whole world, which is wider than any other logistics channel. Moreover, since the post has tax subsidies from the state, the price is very low.

    1. The price is affordable rather than other modes of transportation (such as DHL, UPS, FedEx, TNT, etc.), China Post parcel has an absolute price advantage, and it is also cheaper than Hong Kong parcel;
    2. The mailing is convenient; it can be sent to all parts of the world, as long as there is a post office, it can be delivered (except for a few countries and regions);
    3. Its small parcel registration is safe, the drop rate is low, and the whole process can be tracked;

    Read Why to choose China Post for shipping from China? by clicking the link

    What are the China Post disadvantages?

    Generally leaving the country in private parcels, which is not convenient for customs statistics and cannot enjoy normal export tax rebates. At the same time, the speed is slower, and the packet loss rate is high. The time limit takes 5-30 days (working days). The time limit is a relatively large shortcoming of China Post’s small parcels.

    What are the banned imports from China Posts?

    • Dangerous goods: Due to the physical and chemical properties of the goods, they will pose a threat to the safety of the transported person during the transportation process. Such as acidic substances, biochemical products, toxic substances, narcotics, fertilizers, gasoline, liquids, paint, radioactive biomass, etc.
    • Items with high transportation risks: The physical and chemical properties of the goods themselves do not pose any threat to the personal safety of the transportation, but the express transportation method will cause the goods themselves to be dangerous, such as loss, damage, to the consignor or carrier Items that cause heavy losses, such as blank invoices, cash, valuables, jewelry, stamps, stocks, and securities, etc.
    • pornographic materials, weapons, etc.
    • Imitation brand and infringing products.
    • Animals, plants, and other living things.

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