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Ultimate Guide to Booking Containers Tips and Tricks

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Wanna import products from China? You must know some tips and tricks about booking containers to be able to do it in the fastest and cheapest way possible

No matter if you’re a seasoned importer or new to the game, there are so many details about the shipping process that you need to learn. Remember that even something trivial like the Chinese holidays can impact your booking.

That’s why we’ve tried to gather every detail about booking containers from China. After reading this post, you’ll learn the whole process of booking a container from container types to the cost and regulations.

So if you want to increase your efficiency in importing products from China, stay with us. Also, if you have any shipping questions, you can contact our team at DDPCH shipping company.

Why Booking Container Is Important

Booking Containers is one of the most crucial tasks of international trade, especially when it comes to sourcing from China.

If you want to ensure that your products are shipped safely and on time to their destination, you need to master the process. Without proper booking, you have to face the risk of:

  1. Delays
  2. Disruptions
  3. Financial losses

When you secure a container in advance, you’re actually gaining control over the shipping process. This way, you can plan effectively and meet your customer demands on time. This is particularly essential in industries like retail and manufacturing, where timing is of paramount importance.

Moreover, by efficient shipment coordination, you can avoid unnecessary expenses like storage fees. So you can optimize your supply chain and minimize costs if you master the process of booking a container from China. 

More importantly, booking containers provides peace of mind. You might ask why. In fact, if you know that your goods are protected throughout the transportation process, you can relax. Smooth transportation and other secure operations from supplier to customer are what you can have by booking containers.

So booking a shipping container from China is not just a logistical task. It’s a necessity for your business if you want to outperform your competitors and remain in the market.

Booking Container from China in 5 Steps

Here is a summary of a secure process of booking a shipping container from China offered by DDPCH shipping company:

Step #1: Choose the Type and Size of Container Needed

First and foremost, you have to know the type and size of the container you need because it determines how effectively your goods can be transported.

By choosing the right container’s type and size, you ensure that your cargo fits securely. This way, you’ll protect it during transit and also reduce the cost.

Factors such as the volume, weight, and nature of your goods will influence the size of your container.

For example, you need to determine whether your products require refrigerated containers or not. Also, you can determine if you need an open-top cargo and choose among the available sizes of 20-foot, 40-foot, etc.

Overall, you have to consider as many details as possible to make transportation safe and cost-effective.

Step #2: Request Quotes from Different Freight Forwarders

A freight forwarder is actually a company that provides shipping services for various goods. Getting quotes from multiple freight forwarders is another essential step you need to take.

This step allows you to compare costs and services before shipping forwarders. Remember that pricing can vary significantly between forwarders. So don’t hesitate to book before comparing several forwarders and choosing the best deal.

Step #3: Choose a Reliable Freight Forwarder

Selecting a trustworthy freight forwarder is critical for smooth shipping. A reliable forwarder is the one that:

  1. Handles your cargo with special care
  2. Provides accurate documentation
  3. Offers clear communication throughout the whole process

Choosing a trusted partner means minimizing the risk of delays, damages, or other logistical issues. There is no need to repeat that these factors impact your business operations and other companies will win the competition.

Step #4: Prepare Final Documentation

Proper documentation is key to customs clearance and is essential in international shipping. You need:

  1. Invoices
  2. Packing lists
  3. Bill of lading
  4. Other relevant paperwork

If you want a smooth flow of your shipment through the supply chain and no problem at customs checkpoints, pay special attention to your documents.

Step #5: Finalize Booking and Coordinate Shipment

Last but not least, it’s time to finalize your container booking and coordinate the shipment from China to your destination.

You have to confirm the shipping schedule, arrange the container pickup, and determine the port for departure.

Remember to have clear communication with your freight forwarder. You need to ensure that everything goes according to your plan.

Factors Impacting Container Bookings from China

Now, let’s learn some important factors and the way you can consider them when booking a shipping container from China:

Chinese Holidays and Festivals

It’s obvious that Chinese holidays and festivals can disrupt your shipping schedules and cause delays in your container bookings.

Remember that during peak holiday seasons like Chinese New Year, many factories and logistics companies in China shut down.

So you have to consider the impact of these periods on production and transportation schedules. It’s crucial to plan your shipments around these periods to avoid delays.

Global Economic Conditions

Before shipment and booking your container, you need to consider some economic factors such as:

  1. Currency fluctuations
  2. Trade policies
  3. Market demand
  4. Oil price

Unfortunately, any changes in global economic conditions may affect shipping rates, lead times, and overall demand for your goods. The more you learn about the economy, the better you can decide about your shipping process.

Cargo Type and Size

As said earlier, the type and size of cargo from China can influence your cost and safety. Certain types of cargo, such as hazardous materials or oversized items, may cost more.

The reason is that they need specialized containers and transportation arrangements. You can get any advice about these special requirements from DDPCH.

Shipping Peak Seasons

There are peak shipping seasons in international trade, especially in China. For example, the months leading up to major holidays or peak retail seasons are really important.

In these peak seasons, demand for container bookings from China will usually increase. Therefore, during these periods, shipping rates may rise. That’s not the only impact of peak seasons.

Remember that the capacity of Chinese shipping companies is limited, especially during peak seasons. So you need to plan ahead and secure your bookings well in advance to find available capacity. This can help you reduce the impact of peak seasons on your supply chain.

Shipping Routes and Port Congestion

Different shipping routes can affect the availability and cost of container bookings from China. Also, port congestion is another important matter in this regard because every port and route has its specific condition.

Some shipping routes may be more efficient or cost-effective than others. It strongly depends on factors like:

  1. Distance 
  2. Transit times
  3. Congestion levels at ports

It’s recommended to monitor shipping routes and port conditions. This allows you to optimize your logistics routes and minimize delays.


Mastering the art of booking containers from China is pivotal for your business. We provided you with 5 strategic steps to let you start your booking process smoothly. We also introduced various factors that influence container bookings from China. We’re sure that you can streamline your logistics operations and increase your shipping efficiency in sourcing from China using these tips and tricks. Just remember that selecting the right shipping company is key to your success in your international trade. DDPCH has your back throughout the whole process of booking containers from China.

How to buy containers full of goods from China?

Find the product and suppliers
Get quotes from various suppliers
Negotiate before placing an order
Take care of shipping and logistics
Pay customs duties
Pay taxes
Perform a pre-shipment inspectio

How do I book a shipping container?

First, prepare all the details about your cargo to get your shipment on its way. Then, you can place your booking for shipment. Now, you have to select the type and size of container that best suits your needs.

After that, prepare all the necessary documents about your shipment. When you’ve chosen your dates, finalize the shipping schedule. Check everything again and then lock in your freight booking. Finally, you can get your cargo ready for pick-up or transport to the port.

What are common shipping containers in China?

Here are the most common shipping containers available in China:

Dry container: Used for general cargo that doesn’t require temperature control.
Flat rack container: Ideal for oversized or odd-shaped cargo.
Open-top container: Perfect for tall cargo that doesn’t fit usual containers.
Double-door container: Easier access to cargo from both ends of the container.
High-cube container: Extra height compared to usual containers.
Open-side container: Side loading and unloading of cargo with large forklifts.
ISO Reefer container: Keeps your cargo frozen or chilled during transport.
Insulated container: Uses insulation to maintain a specific temperature without refrigeration.

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