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air and sea freight from china to cyprus

Air and sea freight from China to Cyprus full guide 2021

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Cyprus is a Middle Eastern country that receives more than millions of tons of products annually from China. What is the best way to ship goods from China to Cyprus and how is air freight and sea freight from China to Cyprus done?

China is the largest producer and exporter and sends its products and raw materials by sea to the Mediterranean Sea. Cyprus, due to its location in a very strategic region, is one of the countries where air and sea exports, as well as cargo shipping from China to this country, are done in bulk. But which option is better to send products from China to Cyprus than Air freight and Sea freight?

Air and Sea Freight comparison from China to Cyprus

air and sea freight from china to cyprus

In general, Sea freight is needed to ship products that you want to send in high volume and weight from China to Cyprus. You may ask why. This is because the volume and weight of the cargo container send through the sea transport system are much more than the air transport. You can ship 18,000 canteens at once, which is amazing. But on the other hand, sending cargo by air or Air Freight is also recommended if the value of the products is very high about their weight. For example, for valuables, luxury goods, expensive mobile phones, or hardware that need to reach the destination faster, the Air freight transportation method is recommended.

Differences between LCL and FCL in maritime transport from China to Cyprus

air and sea freight from china to cyprus

In shipping products from China to Cyprus by sea, there are two methods, LCL and FCL, where LCL means Less than container Load and FCL means full container load. But the difference between the two methods is that when all the products in a container belonging to one consignor, FCL and if a container contains joint cargo from two or more companies, shipping cargo from China to Cyprus Will be in the form of LCL.

The best Sea ports in Cyprus

air and sea freight from china to cyprus

Due to Cyprus being located in a very strategic maritime area, many ports in this country are responsible for exporting and importing goods. But the country’s best seaports include the following:

Limassol port

One of the largest ports in Cyprus with the highest volume of shipments. The port has been officially recognized as one of the main export and import centers in Cyprus since 1974

Larnaca Port

The second-largest shipping center in Cyprus is Larnaca port, which is one of the best seaports in Cyprus. This port has been serving since 1973.

Vassiliko port

One of the southern ports of Cyprus, located between Limassol and Larnaca, and specifically known as one of the most industrial exports and import ports in Cyprus.

Larnaca oil port

Larnaca tanker port is one of the other centers for sending and receiving oil products, from which the largest amount of oil and gas industries takes place.

Vassiliko Oil port

The port of Vasiliko also has a section for the export and import of petroleum products, in which oil tankers in particular enter the region and send and receive gas and oil goods.

The best Cyprus airports for shipping products from China

In general, Cyprus’ main and international airports also include cargo receipts and shipments. The country’s main airports are Larnaca International Airport as well as Paphos International Airport, which will have the largest volume of exports and imports from China to these two airports.

The amount of air and sea transportation time from China to Cyprus

In general, the time of air freight system is much less than Sea Freight from China to Cyprus, but in the following tables, we have examined the total shipping time.

Air Freight

Transit TimeCyprus
Shanghai3 days
Shenzhen4 days
Guangzhou4 days
Beijing5 days
Ningbo6 days

Sea Freight

From/ toCyprus
Shanghai14 days
Shenzhen15 days
Guangzhou12 days
Beijing16 days
Ningbo16 days

List of prohibited goods for Air freight from China to Cyprus

  • Explosives
  • Gases: such as compressed gas, dry ice, fire extinguishers, gas cartridges
  • Flammable liquid
  • Flammable solids, pyramids, and materials that emit flammable gases when in contact with water
  • Poisonous and infectious items


Finally, we must point out that sending goods from China to Cyprus based on the type of goods you have and the shipping you want should be done with one of the Air freight or Sea Freight options. If you have a large amount of cargo, use the sea option, and if you have a small amount of cargo and a high cargo value, use Air Freight. DDPCH is also proud to announce that it offers the best options for shipping cargo from China to Cyprus, whether by sea or air.

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