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cargo delay from china

5 Top Reasons Your Cargo Is Delayed from china (Best Guide)

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    Why Your Cargo delay from china? In particular, some logistics from China to foreign countries usually take a long time or delays. Today, let’s analyze the reasons why Your Cargo delay from china

    5 Cargo delay from china from china

    Containers that cannot be returned to the liner by the deadline

    For full containers (FCL), the containers are usually loaded at the supplier’s premises. Every time you book a space on a ship, the shipping company will issue a “deadline,” which is the date on which the loaded container should be returned at the port. Due to various reasons, the cargo delay from china, causing the container to lose the scheduled ship.

    • In the case of LCL shipments, the goods are sent to the warehouse of the grouping company (in simpler terms, a large forwarder), where they “group” several LCL shipments and combine them into one container, Then send them to the port as above.
    • This is probably the most common cause of delays in maritime transport. The following will introduce some reasons for the failure to meet the deadline. But this may also occur due to many other reasons, such as problems in domestic truck transportation and the need to negotiate with the supplier or re-work discovered during the “loading inspection” Problems and so on.
    • Recommendation: In most cases, this is an appropriate plan that can be avoided. This should include picking up containers on time, planning for domestic logistics (when purchasing EXW), and if purchasing FOB, contact the supplier very clearly before the deadline.

    Cargo delay from china due to incorrect documents

    From my experience, this is the second most common problem of cargo delay from china. Customs documents are usually straightforward, but there may be delays at both the loading port and the destination port due to incorrect or problematic records. Many Chinese suppliers receive export tax rebates from the government, ranging from 0% to 17%. These rebates sometimes account for a more significant percentage of the profit margin than the direct profit from sales. Some manufacturers claim incorrect HS codes to maximize their rebate income, which is a tax refund fraud.

    In other cases, unintentionally inputting the wrong HS code may occur due to uncertainty of the correct HS code or simple data input errors. There are other paperwork-related issues that may cause cargo delay from China, such as not having the correct battery product documentation.

    Make sure that you are working with a factory for the “export” process. If you work in a factory with no experience in international trade,please find a reliable freight forwarde. It is best to find a fright forwarder who knows your process very well.

    Customs inspection

    The customs selects a certain percentage of containers for inspection at the “loading port” and “destination port.”. Each customs has its policy to determine the containers to be inspected, but this is usually based on factors such as the risk profile of a given product or the history of the exporter, but it can also be random.

    It isn’t easy to know the exact standard, and it is different from country to country. This is often referred to as “random customs inspection. Unfortunately, when this happens, you not only miss the “cut-off” date, in most cases. But you also have to pay customs fees to give your container inspection privileges. Most importantly, you often have to pay container rent and demurrage.

    Generally speaking, the importing country’s customs are more concerned about the incoming goods than the customs of the exporting country. However, the percentage of containers selected for inspection may vary greatly. It is depending on a country’s import and export policies and risk management.

    Port/terminal congestion

    Due to resource constraints or other factors, this usually happens when the port has more containers than the port can handle. In China, this situation usually occurs before the Spring Festival or around October, which is the expected Christmas sales.

    weather conditions

    One of the other reasons of cargo delay from china is the bad weather condition. Due to bad weather conditions, ship delays often occur. When the ship has to skip the port of call due to bad weather conditions. When the ship is in the port but cannot leave due to bad weather, pray and hope for the best.

    You can avoid some of the above proclems with proper plannig . The best practice is always to add at least one week more than the cited maritime transit time as an emergency time. Here you discovered 5 reasons Cargo delay from china,

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