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Are you looking for the cheapest shipping price? What exactly are you shipping? What size is it? How much weight does it have? All of these factors have an impact on your freight costs. Shipping costs are calculated based on the distance and weight of your package. With Air, Sea, DDP, Rail, and Road freight service from China, we can help you send small, large, express, and less urgent shipments to over 180 countries and territories. Please provide details about your shipment so that we can estimate the shipping cost.

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Shipping Quote from China

Shipping Qoute

choose your Ideal shipping methods.

Freight Shipping Quotes

If you want to import any product from china for sure you need freight service, here we help you to calculate freight cost, but at the beginning, you must know which items affect in your shipping costs

Shipping Methods

We offer a variety of shipping methods, including air, sea, road, truck, train, express, and door-to-door freight. You can use and choose one of these shipping methods depending on your situation; when you send DDPCH a shipping quotation, you must tell us which shipping method you prefer to use; if you want the fastest shipping way from China, you can use air and express; if you want the cheapest shipping way from China, you can use sea and rail freight.


Shipping costs from China to Germany differ widely from shipping costs from China to the United States; the longer the distance, the higher the cost; the destination country influences freight costs from China, and carriers use shipping zones to calculate shipping rates. Typically Shipping zones are calculated based on the location of your package in china. This means that two different locations of origin shipping to the same destination could be in completely different zones.


Incoterms assist you in explaining who is responsible for all shipping charges from China to your country. When shipping goods to another country, you or the recipient may be asked to pay additional fees and taxes before the cargo is delivered. Duties and taxes may be charged based on what you're sending and its value. These can become complicated and vary by the country we suggest you always try chose FOB or DDP terms when buying somethings from china

Package Size

The dimensions are the length, width, and height of the package used to ship the products. Packages are available in various sizes; Significantly since couriers charge by dimensional (or volumetric) weight, This is the amount of space a shipment takes up in the delivery truck., Couriers calculate the dimensional weight by multiplying your item's length, width, and height and dividing the result by a cubic divisor of their choosing. As a result, we recommend that you reduce the package size to save money on shipping costs.

Value of Shipment

If you're shipping high-value goods, you should consider having your shipments insured. Shipping insurance covers senders whose packages are lost, stolen, or damaged in transit. While helpful, this service can massively increase your shipping costs; in DDPCH, we offer you high-value shipment use air freight or express delivery service, don't use sea or rail freight service

Other charges

Unexpected problems may occur. These might range from shipping delays to lost or damaged goods. While it is impossible to predict what will occur, there are some extra costs like pickup fee, Fuel surcharge, repacking and extra package fee, warehousing fee, Fees for mistakes and ... maybe effect on your shipping cost from china, we suggest you for preventing this costs always send us absolute and final shipment document and let us speak with your seller in china directly and we try to find best shipping solution for you

Premium WorldWide Partner

We provide high-quality freight forwarding services from China to the rest of the globe with our VIP partner in China, and clients can select between air freight, sea freight, express freight, door-to-door freight, or a combination of the above (multimodal freight services). At DDPCH, a specialized expert will be assigned to provide real-time information on the progress of your cargo 24 hours a day, seven days a week.
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If you have any shipment from china and have a freight quote, you can send us your quotation in our User panel; please register and send us a ticket

We usually need a packing list, proforma invoice, destination country, your shipping methide that you prefer and your target price, after that, we try to offer you the best price in the market

we try to answer all requests in 1 day, and we answer all tickets even at weekends

yes, it's free, so don't worry and register and send us your freight quote

yes, all tickets and your requests will be saved and recorded in your user panel

It depends on you, and we offer many shipping methods from china like air, sea, road, rail, express, and door to door freight; if you want the fastest way to choose air or express if you want the cheapest way use sea and rail freight if you want most more accessible methods to use door to door service.

We accept bank transfers, PayPal, western union, and WebMoney

yes, you can send us a ticket for all our service

Volumetric weight is used in the shipping and logistics industry to calculate how much space an item will take up in the courier's network. The volumetric weight of our package will be used to calculate the shipping rate. The following formula is used to compute volumetric weight:

Length x width x height divided by 5000

The number you divide varies depending on the carrier, but it's usually between 4000 and 6000.

if you are looking for the cheapest shipping way from china we offer you sea freight service



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