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Why air freight from China to Spain? | An importer’s guide

Why air freight from China to Spain? | An importer’s guide

If you are planning to import from China to Spain, you need to consider your shipping options first. Depending on your shipment goods, budget, and deadlines, you can choose air or sea shipping from China to Spain. In this article, we will explain to you why air freight from China to Spain can be a very good choice of shipping.

Spain Geography

Located in the south-west of Europe, Spain is the fourth biggest country in the continent and. Since the start of 2020, Spain estimated its population to reach 46 million, making it the 30th most populous country in the world. With these facts and figures, of course, Spain is a big importer of the world’s market, China.

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Spain is strategically located on the north of the Gibraltar strait and has excellent access to sea trade. Nonetheless, as we mentioned, depending on your goods and priorities (costs of cargo delivery), you must opt for air freight from China to Spain. But which goods cannot be shipped via air freight?

Air freight limitations for goods

When shipping from China to Spain via air freight, you need to consider some limitations that apply to this sort of shipping. Just like when you are traveling as a passenger on an airplane, there is a fairly long list of items you cannot send via air freight. Mostly if you have ever been on air travel before, these will not be shocking. You can not air freight items like, for example:

  • Explosive products
  • Types of Gases
  • Flammable or radioactive goods
  • Toxic and contagious items, chemicals or other products which carry safety warnings
  • Industrial magnets
  • Any type of goods that can be dangerous to public health.

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If your goods can not be shipped by air freight then you may want to consider using sea freight. There are far fewer restrictions on what can be imported, though all goods still need to be correctly registered and labeled to ensure they are packed and shipped safely, and if appropriate, the importer has the required licenses in place.

Reliable Cargo Airlines for air freight from China to Spain

You will need a reliable cargo airline for shipping from China to Spain safely and quickly. Here are some of the airlines you can use to ship your cargo via air freight from China to Spain.

Cargolux airlines

The airline has 28 fleets in total, which means that you have an airline anytime you want to ship your cargo. Your cargo will land at Barcelona International Airport and at Zaragoza Airport if you choose to ship via this airline.

China Airlines

China airlines with a total of 88 fleets, is another cargo airline option you can use to ship your cargo.

Air ChinaCargo

Air China Cargo is an Air China subsidiary, owning a total of 405 fleets. The airlines started operations with headquarters in Beijing China in the year 1988. If you choose this airline for shipping from China to Spain, your cargo will be shipped to Barcelona International Airport.

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Lufthansa airlines

With a total of 283 fleets, this is the largest airline in Europe and has its headquarters in Cologne, Germany. This airline can be used to air freight from China to Spain. You can have your goods delivered at Alicante-Elche Airport, Barcelona International Airport, Bilbao Airport, Ibiza Airport, Madrid Airport, Palma Airport and Valencia Airport.

Now that you have enough info about air freight from China to Spain, you can make a more confident decision about your method of shipping from China to Spain.

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