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Shipping from China to Jordan (Air, Sea, DDP, Express|Complete Guide 2021)

Shipping from China to Jordan (Air, Sea, DDP, Express|Complete Guide 2021)

Shipping between China and Jordan with the help of freight forwarders has been popular.

DDPCH is a company that provides perfect international logistics service and also handle wide ranges of freight forwarding services.

To fulfill the shipping of your goods requirements to Jordan, we have organized a vast network that holds the capability of accommodating economical, and reliable logistics plans.

Also, our services include picking up, documentation, packaging, loading, unloading, customer clearance, warehousing, consolidating.

DDPCH manages all the major ports of China like Shenzhen, Tianjin, Dalian, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Hong Kong, Xiamen, Hangzhou to Ningbo.

We perform all the transport process. DDPCH is a one-stop service to make easy all the import of shipping goods from China to Aqaba, Jordan.

In addition, we offer full ranges of freight services and shipping services through Jordan such as Aqaba, Amman, which is available via all major ports and airports.

Our sea freight services consist of standard FCL (full container load), LCL (less than container load), out of Gauge, Roll-on Roll-off and Break Bulk

Air freight includes services with the backing of ground services and flights. In addition, we have services for automobiles, refrigerated items, and dangerous goods.

If you want to send your cargo from China to Aqaba Jordan, we can provide the best, affordable and efficient services.

Cheap Shipping From China To Jordan

International Air Mail

If you want to send a small package under 30 kg, we suggest you use airmail service China To Jordan.

This service very cheap for small and personal package.

DDPCH can help you to book the best airmail service China To Jordan

Shipping throughRegister FeeOnline TrackingShipping CostDelivery Time
China PostYesYes 4 USD/KG7 to 19
China Post (Registered)YesYes 6 USD/KG7 to 19
Bulk Air Mail for Hongkong Post YesYes 3 USD/KG7 to 10
Hongkong Air Mail Post (Registered)YesYes 5 USD/KG7 to 10
Air Mail Service from china to Jordan

Express shipping From China To Jordan

Shipping cost is an essential factor when you want to send a package from china to Jordan. Our mission at DDPCH is to reduce those costs.

Due to the high volume of packages we handle – hundreds of thousands –, we can offer over 80% discounts on shipping costs with DHL, FEDEX, UPS, ARAMEX.

And with over 10 carriers on our system, we can provide you with a wide range for shipping from china to Jordan.

Shipping Method
Shipping costDelivery TimeBy Volumetric Weight
UPS to Jordan5 USD/KG 2 – 4YES
EMS to Jordan4 USD/KG 3 – 8YES
Aramex to Jordan8 USD/KG 3 – 9YES
DHL to Jordan7 USD/KG 3 – 8YES
Hongkong DHL to Jordan6 USD/KG 2 – 7YES
Speedpost to Jordan8 USD/KG 2 – 7YES
FEDEX IE to Jordan6 USD/KG 4 – 6YES
UPS in Hongkong to Jordan7 USD/KG 2 – 5YES
SF-Express to Jordan8 USD/KG 2 – 5YES
Express shipping cost and transit time From China To Jordan

About cheap shipping from china

We have China Postal Service from both Mainland China Post and Hongkong Post to Jordan and provide other shipping choices that are faster than regular postal service.

China Postal Service to Jordan (NO tracking number)

DDPCH China Post Service is suitable for sending light-weight and low-value goods, and each cargo should not be more than 2 Kg, and there is NO tracking number, and so it is good for low-value items.

If you prefer to have a tracking number, use our China Registered Postal Service.

The cargo is air-mailed from Hongkong Or China Shenzhen Guangzhou Shanghai, and it usually takes 5 to 14 business days.

China Registered Postal Service to Jordan (with tracking number)

This service is suitable for sending light-weight but high-value parcels. Each parcel should not be more than 2 Kg. There is a tracking number. You can track the parcel on our website.

The parcel is air-mailed from Hongkong Or China Shenzhen Guangzhou Shanghai and it takes 5 to 14 business days.

shipping from china To Jordan how long ?

You may  ask the question how long does shipping from china To Jordan take? It depends on the shipping method ,Normally Air Mail Shipping will take 7- 12 business days, express shipping will take 3- 7 business days.

The processes of shipping from China to Jordan

China to Jordan

First, review the offers proposed for delivery from China to Jordan and select one, then make the payment and wait for the courier. 

Our online shipping website brings together thousands of international and local carriers to send shipments, both large and small. 

Security is an essential criterion for delivery. All shipments are covered by standard insurance ($25).

It takes a single day to send your cargo. Some couriers are fast from China to Jordan, some couriers are flexible, and some are cheap.

We select the best shipment transportation routes. Therefore, you don’t have to waste your time comparing prices.

Send parcel from China to Jordan: how much it cost?

View pricelist, please enter your destination, the place from which the parcel will be sent and its weight and size.

Then, you can see the prices for the given route offered by our company.
The cost of delivery depends on the size and weight of the cargo, and the distance between the cities.

How much time does it need to deliver a parcel from China to Jordan?

Our cheap shipping service takes 4-10 days to deliver goods to Jordan. The delivery period depends on the shipping way.

You can choose air freight and the time of delivery shortens even to a few days. Sea shipment takes 10-20 business days.

You can track the location that makes it easier to determine the shipment’s exact date of delivery.

What can not be sent to Jordan?

Each country has rules and a list of items that it does not accept for import from china to Jordan. DDPCH do not transport hazardous materials and substances, including ammunition, weapons, acids, mercury, bacteria, or viruses.

Such goods may damage other parcels. Besides, we do not accept parcels that contain prescription drugs, alcohol, tobacco, cigarettes, perishable goods, or original works of art.

As you know, each country has its own law and customs regulations.

It is good to get familiar with them before shipping.

The package can be checked at the border.

If there is a prohibited item, the shipment will be returned to the sender. After determining what you can send in the package, order the shipment.

Ocean freight shipping from china to Jordan

Jordan is located on the East Bank of the Jordan River.

Its industry includes mining, manufacturing, construction, and power. It was the first Arab country to establish a free-trade agreement with the US.

Jordan’s leading imports include petroleum products and pharmaceuticals.

Jordan is the safest country in the Middle East. In 2000, Jordan joined the World Trade Organization.

It is also a founding member of the Arab League and the Organisation of Islamic Cooperation (OIC).

FCL or LCL for your ocean freight from china to Jordan

There are 2 types of sea shipping services from china to Jordan ; LCL (a less-than-container load, or groupage) or FCL (a full container load).

If your shipment is equal to six standard pallets, then a full container load (FCL) is indicated. 

A full container load is preferred if you are concerned about avoiding any risk of damage to your goods that could potentially be posed by contact with others’ merchandise.

You may choose LCL, also known as groupage.

Groupage is a term for sharing a container, a cost-effective option that requires you to pay only for the shipping space you use.

Sea ports in Jordan

Port of Aqaba

The Port of Aqaba is Jordan’s only seaport.

The Aqaba Ports Corporation manages this port in southeast Jordan at the Gulf of Aqaba’s head off the Red Sea.

Its container terminal specialized international management and is equipped with modern machinery.

It provides high-quality services around the clock and is secure.

The port features specialized berths with equipment to deal with all kinds of cargos like bulk and liquid.

Prohibited and Restricted Items in Jordan

DDPCH is unable to ship prohibited and non-approved restricted items on behalf of its customers. We have prepared a list of prohibited items.

Jordan Import Prohibitions

  • Acids
  • Batteries, Haz
  • Bearer Documents
  • Bio Products, Haz
  • Chemicals, Haz
  • Communications equipment
  • Corrosives
  • Cosmetics, Haz
  • Drugs, Non-Prescription
  • Flammables
  • Gases
  • Herbal Products
  • Herbal Tea
  • Ice, Dry
  • Ice, Wet
  • Infectious Substances
  • Synthetic Marijuana (K2)
  • Liquids, Haz
  • Liquor, Haz
  • Liquor, Haz and Non-Haz
  • Magnetized Materials
  • Medical/dental supplies & equipment
  • Oxidizers
  • Paints, Haz
  • Perfume, Haz
  • Phones/modems
  • Poisons (Toxics)
  • Radar equipment
  • Radio equipment
  • Radioactives
  • Seeds
  • Spice
  • Telecommunications equipment
  • Textile articles
  • Toiletries, Haz

Air freight transit times from China to Jordan:

Take a look at the table of standard air freight between China and Jordan.

Transit TimeAmmanAqabaAssabAzraq
Shanghai5 days3 days5 days2 days
Shenzhen3 days3 days3 days1 day
Guangzhou4 days2 days3 days4 days
Beijing5 days4 days1 day4 days
Ningbo6 days2 days2 days2 days
Air cargo transit times from China to Jordan

Air freight Cost from China to Jordan (Shipping cost):

Sea freight price depends on many factors such as weight and volumes, airline, time and insurance. The following table show the cost from different cities of China to Jordan:

Transit time22 kg+100 kg+300 kg+500 kg+1000 kg+
Air Freight from Shanghai to Jordan4321.81.5
Air Freight from Guangzhou to Jordan56432
Air Freight from Beijing to Jordan54321.8
Air Freight from Ningbo to Jordan543.532.5
Air Freight from Shenzhen to Jordan65432
Price : USD | FOB

What is the best sea port in Jordan for shipping from China?

You can book sea freight shipping with DDPCH and have the best experience in sea shipping since we have many services from various ports in China to the ports of Jordan. Based on your cargo, volume, size and shape of your goods we provide different containers.

Port of Aqaba Is best option for ocean freight from china to Jordan

Sea freight transit times from China to Jordan ( Ocean fright ):

Sea freight shipping also has various costs depending on distance, volume, weight, and insurance. Here I have provided a list of the time so that you can decide better.

Transit Time
From/ toAqaba
Beihai (CNBHY)10 days
Chiwan (CNCWN)11 days
Da Chan Bay Terminal One (CNDCB)13 days
Dalian (CNDLC)11 days
Fuzhou (CNFOC)10 days
Guangzhou (CNCAN)11 days
Haikou (CNHAK)13 days
Haimen (CNHMP)11 days
Huadu (CNHDU)10 days
Huangpu (CNHUA)11 days
Huizhou (CNHZP)13 days
Jiangmen (CNJMN)11 days
Jinzhou (CNJNZ)10 days
Lianyungang (CNLYG)11 days
Longkou (CNLKU)13 days
Nanjing (CNNKG)11 days
Nantong (CNNTG)10 days
Ningbo (CNNGB)11 days
Qingdao (CNTAO)13 days
Qinhuangdao (CNSHP)11 days
Rizhao (CNRZH)10 days
Shanghai (CNSHA)11 days
Shantou (CNSWA)13 days
Shekou (CNSHK)11 days
Taicang (CNTAG)10 days
Taizhou (CNTZO)11 days
Tianjin (CNTXG)13 days
Wenzhou (CNWNZ)11 days
Xiamen (CNXMN)10 days
Yantai (CNYNT)11 days
Yantian (CNYTN)13 days
Zhangjiagang (CNZJG)11 days
Zhanjiang (CNZHA)11 days
Ocean freight transit times from China to Jordan

Sea Shipping Cost from China to Jordan (Ocean fright rate)

Ocean freight cost
From/ toAqaba
Beihai (CNBHY)430 USD
Chiwan (CNCWN)380 USD
Da Chan Bay Terminal One (CNDCB)410 USD
Dalian (CNDLC)390 USD
Fuzhou (CNFOC)440 USD
Guangzhou (CNCAN)290 USD
Haikou (CNHAK)430 USD
Haimen (CNHMP)380 USD
Huadu (CNHDU)410 USD
Huangpu (CNHUA)390 USD
Huizhou (CNHZP)440 USD
Jiangmen (CNJMN)290 USD
Jinzhou (CNJNZ)430 USD
Lianyungang (CNLYG)380 USD
Longkou (CNLKU)410 USD
Nanjing (CNNKG)390 USD
Nantong (CNNTG)440 USD
Ningbo (CNNGB)290 USD
Qingdao (CNTAO)430 USD
Qinhuangdao (CNSHP)380 USD
Rizhao (CNRZH)410 USD
Shanghai (CNSHA)390 USD
Shantou (CNSWA)440 USD
Shekou (CNSHK)290 USD
Taicang (CNTAG)430 USD
Taizhou (CNTZO)380 USD
Tianjin (CNTXG)410 USD
Wenzhou (CNWNZ)390 USD
Xiamen (CNXMN)440 USD
Yantai (CNYNT)290 USD
Yantian (CNYTN)430 USD
Zhangjiagang (CNZJG)380 USD
Zhanjiang (CNZHA)410 USD
Ocean freight cost from china to jordan

Door to Door shipping cost and transit time from china to Jordan

Please send your documents to DDPCH in order to be informed of the door to door shipping price and transit time from china to Jordan, and we calculate shipping cost and give you final price and time.

  • Proforma invoice
  • Packing list
  • Seller address in china
  • Your shipping method ( air or sea )
  • HS code
From / To22kg+100kg+500kg+1000kg+Transit Time
DDP Air from Shenzhen to Jordan643.30310-15 Days
DDP Air from Shanghai to Jordan765410-15 Days
DDP Air from Guangzhou to Jordan65.85.5410-15 Days
DDP Air from Beijing to Jordan43.532.810-15 Days
DDP Air from Hongkong to Jordan854310-15 Days
Door to Door shipping from china to Jordan ( DDP)

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