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Shipping from China to Dubai and Ajman | What Is the Cheapest Method?

Shipping from China to Dubai and Ajman | What Is the Cheapest Method?

Due to the economic advancements of the UAE, shipping from China to Dubai and Ajman has become an in-demand service.

While we, at DDPCH, provide our customers with such services, there are many vendors out there seeking for the cheapest method of the shipment.

They want to know whether it’s the air freight or sea freight that can save them some more money. So, here’s the answer!

First of All: It Depends!

Most couriers in China utilize the volumetric weight formula to determine the costs of a special delivery. So, the bigger your cargo is, the more you’ll have to pay for its delivery.

That’s mainly due to the restricted carriage space in Chinese airplanes and ships. This size-oriented system allows the companies to gain back the benefit that they could’ve lost for carrying large-sized and light-weighted items.

So, the best way to establish the best strategy for shipping from China to Dubai and Ajman is to analyze your cargo in advance. (see below).

When to Choose Air Cargo

If you’re willing to send a load of small-sized light-weighted items, the best bet is air cargo. The volumetric weight of such freight is reasonable and, therefore, saves you a couple of bucks.

However, if your shipment includes very light/heavy articles of massive size, don’t opt to use air delivery services.

The fee that you should pay for such an air cargo shipment from China to UAE is way too much to tolerate—especially if you’re running a small- to mid-sized business.

Sea Cargo When Shipping from China to Dubai and Ajman

When a vendor wants to transfer large and heavy cargos, shipping through ships is the smartest option. That’s because the overall fee that you pay for such services is inexpensive.

There are, however, some downsides to having your cargo shipped through the sea. For instance, ships take somewhere between 20 to 45 days to reach a particular destination.

Moreover, they require heavy wrapping and packaging processes—which won’t come for free.

In all, this method of shipping from China to Dubai and Ajman suits those who don’t have any time-related concerns.

Are There Any Alternatives?

There are several alternatives to choose from in our company.

We work with some of the top air cargo airlines in Asia. So, you can be sure that our expert can effortlessly clarify the finest delivery method for your specific needs.

All you have to do is to contact us and let our team take care of the rest.

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