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China to UAE air shipping 2020 | A full guide

China to UAE air shipping 2020 | A full guide

There are several shipping options when importing from China to the UAE. You can choose air or ocean freight from China to UAE depending on the shipment size and type. We will explain in this article China to UAE air shipping 2020 works. Read on to know more about China to UAE air shipping 2020.

China – UAE trade relations

Both states’ relations are focused on vigorous markets, transactions, and investments. In the Emirates, more than 2,000 Chinese companies are operating. There are also around 180,000 Chinese expatriates who currently live in the UAE.

Most of them work in the construction sector, others own shops and restaurants, and many developers, entrepreneurs, and merchants have country relations. The Emirates is China’s second most important trading partner in the Persian Gulf, after Saudi Arabia.

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Former PRC Premier Wen Jiabao has confirmed that the position of the UAE for China in the Middle East is important, serving as a transit base for Chinese products to the Middle East and Africa.

China to UAE air shipping 2020

Air freight is not the world’s most common method of shipping but can be useful for specific purposes.

The UAE owns seven international airports, given its small territory, which links the country deeply with the rest of the world. It is not important to note that China, among the busiest in the world, has more than 50 international airports.

A lot of international cargo airlines bond direct flights to China and the UAE. Emirates SkyCargo, the company based at Al Maktoum International Airport, operates daily flights to Dalian, Guangzhou and Shanghai Chinese cities. The two countries are also closely linked by Etihad Cargo.

On the other hand, China Southern Airlines and Etihad Airways have cargo-codeshare agreements. Other regional freighter airlines also have weekly flights between the two countries.

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Now that we are familiar with the basics of China to UAE air shipping and each country’s facilities, let us move on to the transit time of China to UAE air shipping 2020.

Time of China to UAE air shipping 2020

It will take at most 10 hours, door to door for your goods to be shipped by plane from China to the UAE. You have to count about 7 days for the complete transfer of your goods, with a normal air freight from your supplier’s office to your address. Ask for express air freight (courier) if it is not quick enough to obtain your goods within 4 days.

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