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Air Freight from China to Germany | Points all the importers should know in 2020

Air Freight from China to Germany | Points all the importers should know in 2020

Germany is one of the biggest economies in the world, its exports per capita reach $18.2k and its imports per capita reach $14.5k. One of the biggest trades in Germany is with China, the have almost $96.9B trade every year, that makes China one of the most important places for Importers.
Although 90% of goods are usually shipped by sea, when importers and exporters need to move high-value goods to Germany quickly and reliably, they use air freight.

In this article we’re going to read about some of the most important points importers should know about air shipping to Germany.

Why should importers go with air freight?

Usually the first shipping way Importers come across is sea shipping, though it has its advantages for big shipments, it’s not always the best solution.

Sea shipping is considered as one the most complicated transportation ways and it takes a long time, sea shipping is around 25 to 41 days from port to port and 42 to 47 days for door to door delivery. Because of the mentioned problems many importers now chose air freight for shipping their goods from China to Germany.

If the load is around 100kg, air freight becomes the better option. In a matter of days, air freight can bring the cargo from the factory to the destination. Air freight transportation time is between 5-8 days for port to port and 6 to 13 days for door to door delivery, so for those who time is a priority, air freight is the best option.

The most important airports in Germany are Frankfurt airport, Munich airport, Dusseldorf airport, and Berlin Tegel Airport.

There are two ways to calculate air freight prices. The first method is the cost per kilogram multiplied with the cargo weight, and for the second one, for low-density ones (low weight and high volume) you will be charged based on the volumetric weight of the shipment.

Size and Weight Calculation Rules

All importers must be familiar with rules that apply for calculation of their cargo, not paying attention to this small calculation can make them save or lose money they didn’t plan for.

weight is calculated in kilograms (kg), and the volume is calculated in cubic meters (CBM).

A) Calculating the actual weight – If the actual weight of the goods in kilograms is more than its dimensional weight, it will be calculated like this:
Actual weight of the package x cost per kilogram.

B) When the volume of the goods is larger than the actual weight is called dimensional weight.

The dimensional weight is the weight of the package at the minimum density accepted by the carrier.

Dimensional weight is calculated like the picture below for express delivery services.

Air Freight from China to Germany | Points all the importers should know in 2020

 (length x width x height)/ 5000

The calculation above was for express services, for our own door to door services in DDPCH, we calculate the dimensional weight like this

Dimensional weight: (length x width x height)/6000

As you can see the weight will be less and the importer will save more money.

Popular Airlines

Air Freight from China to Germany | Points all the importers should know in 2020

Above, we mentioned the airports working between China and Germany in the exportation and importation business, in the end, let’s take a look at the most popular airlines for the trade between China and Germany.

Finally, in DDPCH, we offer air DDP (door to door) service with air freight for those importers that need the goods in their country in a short time. We can offer you best service and best prices.

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